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Caledar Only User

I have a client that wants a non-employee to be able to read and edit the CEO's calendar. (Sounds crazy, right?) Because this person is not an employee, then don't want them to be able to send email. But they need to have access to the shared calendars.

I was thinking of creating an account for the non-employee user so they can login to OWA and then share the CEO's calendar so that the non-employee has access to read and edit it.

How can I setup a user and then disable that user from sending emails but still have access to a shared calendar?

This is on a SBS 2011 server.
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Free/Busy information can be published to a web page from the CEO's Outlook.  You could publish the page on the 3rd party's server or one of your own.  This would limit the information that the 3rd party had access to.  The information can be found here ==> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291621

Your CEO can then choose how often the information is updated and remove the setting when it was no longer required.

Hope this helps

OneGoodGeekAuthor Commented:
This doesn't seed to address the ability to make edits. The non-employee needs to be able to make additions and changes to the CEO's calendar, not just view it.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The calendar can be modified through OWA. However they will have to be a full mail enabled users to be able to login and work with Exchange objects.
You can use transport rules to stop the user from sending or recieving email on their own account.

1. Create the user and an account.
2. Grant the account permsisions to the CEO's calendar.
3. Create a transport rule to stop all email to the user.

OneGoodGeekAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,

I set it up as mentioned and the solution meets all the criteria.

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