Scheduled task does not run in Windows 7 Home Premium

I run a batch file as a scheduled task in Windows 7 Home Premium. It runs fine for some days, then suddenly stops running as if the password is wrong or not present. Re-entering the password seems to make it work.

Anyone know what's going on?
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Run5kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I usually configure my Windows 7 tasks to run with the built-in System account.  As a result you avoid any type of password issues, the task runs with the highest operating system privileges, and it runs hidden in the background.  Something to consider.
DaveWWWAuthor Commented:
I've found the instructions for using the AT comand to set up a task using the SYSTEM account.  Thanks!
DaveWWWAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.
Glad to help!
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