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Hi Experts, I am having trouble with all users on iPhones/iPads using Safari browser unable to login to a web application. I added the browsers files with the configuration below but its not working. Any ideas?

    <browser id="NewBrowser" parentID="Mozilla">
            <userAgent match="Unique User Agent Regular Expression" />

            <userAgent match="NewBrowser (?'version'\d+\.\d+)" />

            <capability name="browser" value="My New Browser" />
            <capability name="version" value="${version}" />

    <browser refID="Mozilla">
            <capability name="xml" value="true" />
            <capability name="cookies"  value="true" />


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takwirirarIT Projects ManagerAsked:
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Roopesh ReddyIT AnalystCommented:

For Form Authentication to work, make sure, Cookies is enabled in the Settings of iPhone/iPad!


Hope it helps u...
takwirirarIT Projects ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes I already tried that solution and it didnt work. However I have made some changes to the web.config file. Instead of having 2 file i.e. one in the main and another in the subfolder I have put all the configuration in the main config file.
takwirirarIT Projects ManagerAuthor Commented:
Extra steps required to make that solution work
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