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Fireworks - How to Align Points

Adobe Fireworks is a great tool with some great vector tools.

However I cannot get the align point tool to, well, align points.

Something as simple as a 4 point sqaure object.

Select two points with the sub-selection tool, click on the align panel (yes it's even showing the right panel for points - something it doesn't always do)

But clicking any of the align buttons does absolutely nothing.

I can't beleive something as powerful as Fireworks can't do the simpest thing like align two points.

Is this a bug in the program ?
Does anyone else have this same issue ?
Can anyone else tell me how to align two points in any way at all ?
Sean Clarke
Sean Clarke
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I recreated a shape similar to yours, then I used the subselection tool (that white arrow) and selected 2 points. After that I clicked on the "align top edge" symbol in the align window and it worked for me.

The only difference I can see is the control points icon that I had highlighted (where it looks like a vector point is in the middle of a line) was selected.

See attached image.align points
You might have a later version of Fireworks than I am using - I read that some people with CS5 are having trouble with aligning points.

Have you installed any updates - I think you have to install the latest updater to get the updates: http://www.adobe.com/support/fireworks/downloads_updaters.html

And I read about some details about point alignment here: http://www.fireworksguruforum.com/index.php?showtopic=16213

or for CS6: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4607789 (someone talking about a bug)

Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
DeeDee - this is really strange.

If I draw the shape again as you have done it all works, but using the current shape (I think I drew it in Photoshop a while ago and have imported it over to fireworks) the align sub-points just doesn't work.

I think that this area of Fireworks is a ll a bit flakey.

As you point out, there are other peopl eahving issues with getting it working and some parts of it are a little bit tempremental.
Drawing a path or whatever in Photoshop probably does make the tools not work so well. Glad you were able to draw it again and then align the points!

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