Sage Payroll Splash Screen Shows Then Closes


We have a Terminal Server running Windows Server 2003 with Sage Payroll Installed. Administrators can run Payroll no problem but when a domain user launches it, the splash screen shows and then closes. The main program never opens and there is no error message.

The Payroll data lives on a separate file server.

Here is what I have tried:

1) Checked that the Payroll share gives the relevant users full control (both share and NTFS permissions)

2) Gave the relevant users full control and ownership over the "c:\program files\sage payroll" and "c:\documents and settings\all users" directories and propagated permissions down to child objects

3) Gave the relevant users full control over the c:\windows directory and all child objects (bad practice I know but I just did this for testing)

4) Used Process Monitor to check for deny entries on file system and registry objects. There were lots of denies on registry objects so I went through all of them and now no deny messages are logged when launching the program but I still can't log in

5) Tried adding a user as a local admin, open payroll, log out, remove from local admin and open payroll again as a domain user

Finally I called Sage but they just said it was a network issue and they would not help me.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Jamie GillespieConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
I had this issue before, ended up having to do the following;

Create a new local admin account on the terminal server

Try and use run as"new local admin account" whilst logged in as a standard user. This usually works for me.

Now if that works ok, I would create an exe that launches the application as that user. As this is an exe it will be encrypted so the end user will never see the authentication details it uses to launch payroll.

Hope this helps
SamarindAuthor Commented:
That worked a treat. I created a new account, made it local admin and then got one of our software guys to make an exe containing the credentials.

I did try using iexpress.exe but that wan't much use for what I wanted.

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