Failback SQL instance on right node after Failover

I have a 2 node SQL server 2008 cluster.
When the failover occurs ,both instances run on same node which is OK. I have to then manually move the services from failover node to the original node. We have heavy processing over night /weekends and running everything on one node is a problem.

I have seen a way to automate it so that once node which had issues is up and running, the SQL instance can fail it back at original node.

Is this risky? Is there any way to carry a node sanity check before carrying automatic failback?

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Ryan McCauleyConnect With a Mentor Data and Analytics ManagerCommented:
You can set each instance to have a preferred node and enable automatic fail-back - you have the option of setting to to fail back immediately, or setting it to fail back after the node has been online for a certain number of hours. In either case, you right click on the application group in the cluster manager, go to Properties, and set the failback policy.

We have our instances set to prefer a particular node, and most are set to fail back automatically. We have a few sensitive database instances where keeping them up is more important than getting them back on their preferred node, so those are set to fail back manually, and both situations work fine.
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Many thanks for the response.

"Please do not use it in production without thoroughly verifying that this is not going to cause any problems. Startup stored procs has to be created on the master database (master is the first one which recovers after a restart), and cannot contain any input or output variables. There are other gotchas too."
-- Have you used it before and did you see any issues. I am asking as I don't have test cluster system to test this solution.

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