MS word 2010 - Stop Auto Capital letter of each 1st letter of word on a new line

I've searched everywhere through the auto correction parts of MS Word 2010 and still do not see how to stop the automatic capitalization of each word on a new line. How to stop this?
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1. Go to the File tab
2. Click on Options
3. Click on Proofing
4. Click on the AutoCorrect Options button
5. On the AutoCorrect tab, uncheck the Capitalize first letter of sentences option
LinkAuthor Commented:
Ok, that was already unchecked in MS Word and I was assuming Outlook 2010 was using MS word 2010 as word editor so since I was having the problem was there  I changed it there  in Outlook and now it works.

Shouldn't the "Capitalize first letter of sentences" really be "Capitalize first letter of word on a new line"? A period ends a sentence not a new-line, right? I'd like to have this auto-correct feature on but it seems to not pay attention to periods and Capitalizes' the first letter of the first word of each new line...or am I missing something?
Well, when you hit Enter to create a new line, it assumes that it will also be a new sentence.  One way around it is to leave the option enabled, and whenever it capitalizes something that you don't want capitalized, immediately hit CTRL + Z, and it will reverse it back to lower case.
LinkAuthor Commented:
It's hard to believe how dumb these MS engineers can be...assuming that a sentence
can never extend to another line...and having this stupid feature turned on as a default setting in the first place? Unless there is something I am missing I can't imagine what tiny percentage of users actually keep this turned on.
'Enter' actually creates a new paragraph. Sentences are not expected to span paragraphs, so it's not the dumbest thing that Word could do.

If you want to force a new line  - before the text overflows because there is insufficient room to print it on the current line, and without a new paragraph, you can use 'Shift' and 'Enter'. This doesn't start a new sentence and the first letter is is not automatically capitalised.
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