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ODS layout / region not working for me


I'm trying to create a report that I want to use the ods layout feature of SAS. The code as I have it,  places two of three items  but not exactly where I would like them and the third never shows up at all (error: NOTE: The graph will be rendered as an image due to the use of data skins.
WARNING: The absolute region was too small to accommodate the text supplied. OUTPUT WAS LOST.)
I've tried making the region bigger, etc, but it never comes out.

I would like the layout to look something like


And what I'm getting is:
All the examples on the web make it look so easy, but I can't get the darn graphs in the right place.

Code :
Options  nodate  orientation=landscape;
ods pdf file="c:\ods_outputs\%trim(%sysfunc(dequote(%scan(&hospital_name.,&i,'+')))).pdf" 
 startpage=never ;
ods layout start height = 8.5in width = 11in;

ods region width=11in height=.75in x=0in y=0in;
	ods pdf text="Summary of ED visits at %trim(%sysfunc(dequote(%scan(&hospital_name.,&i,'+')))) hospital. People Age 65+ 2011/12 Fiscal Year";

ods region width=4.5in height=3in x=0.25in y=1in;
proc print data=new noobs label;
var metric distinct_visitor percent;run;

ods region width=3in height=3in x=0.25in y=3.5in;
proc sgplot data=t_75;
xaxis type=discrete;
vbar Triage_level1 /
title 'Distribution of Visits by Triage Level Age 75+';

ods region width=4in height=5in x=5in y=3.5in;
proc sgplot data=t_75;
xaxis type=discrete;
vbar disposition /
title 'Disposition Status Age 75+';

ods layout end;
ods pdf close;

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1 Solution

So, upfront, I am still working on SAS 9.2 - so I can't test the dataskins issue - but based on the NOTE: I don't think its a major issue.

I have a feeling that the problem might actually be a simple one.

SAS has global statements that run immediately (eg. OPTIONS, ODS statements) and others (DATA steps and PROCs) that require something to "activate" the DATA step or PROC.  Normally this is a RUN statement, but can also be the start of a new PROC or DATA step.

I think because you do not have a RUN; statement in line 20, the ods region statement runs before the first PROC SGPLOT, and as a result the regions do not work.

Short answer: put a RUN; statement in line 20.
DiaphanosomaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Art.

Its been a while since a missing run statement got me flummoxed.



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