Using Citrix Slim Jim with an Oracle database connection to add missing admin accounts

Anybody ever used Citrix Slim Jim to add local admin accounts to access management console that is using an oracle database?  These local admin accounts were accidently never created and we are trying not to reinstall Citrix.
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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See this link for newer slimjim which should support Xenapp 6.X

Below is an older one, not sure if this will work with latest Xenapp. Also there was note for the oracle

*For Oracle support you must create a new DSN with the same account of the IMA service and use the Microsoft Oracle ODBC driver. This will not work with the Oracle Driver which IMA uses.

Please try on a test environment. Take precautions by backing up datastore, backups if only option is on production.
gmckfnAuthor Commented:
It worked perfectly.  Thanks.
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