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Office 365 Migration

Hi all,

We are facing a bit of a challenging issue

The client, before contacting us, decided that he is going to secure his server, and disabled the administrator log in privileges to the server. So the administrator log in is useless, and his user is not a admin. Now we have no admin rights to the server.

He has no other data on that server (which is probably pushing 7 years)  besides his exchange

They use macs as clients and get their email through  the above mentioned exchange server.

He wants to move to Office 365, with the hosted Exchange option.

Now can we migrate him to Office 365 without having admin access to the server? Does Office 365 provide migration tools that work from the client side?

Another issue is of course that the client is a Mac

Many Thanks
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Your client must have user account with admin privileges on the server, ask if you could get dedicated user account with admin privileges on the server for your self until Office 365 is in house - they can monitor access on it etc.

In terms of moving of locally hosted exchange to Office 365 exchange you will find a lot of information, tutorials and help once you will have Office 365 admin account created and follow your 365 migration plan. (we did it in-house, no drama there but bear in mind Online exchange - depending on seating plan - might be limited to 25GB inbox size per user).

Mac's are not an issue at all as long you will be using Office 2011 for Mac (it works seamlessly with 365), again we have done it in house, follow migration plan steps, you will find a lot of help/information there.

By saying:

"Now can we migrate him to Office 365 without having admin access to the server?"

What do you mean?

Hope this helps
Did you get any answers from your client?
spetcnaz83Author Commented:

Sorry for the late reply

I had to leave town because of a emergency.

The client has no administrator log in privileges to the server. The default administrator account does not allow him to even log in to the server (gives the "this user has no privelages to log on to this server" error) and his user account is not an admin account according to him.

Sorry if I was not clear before, but what I meant by saying that is if we can not log in to the server as a administrator can we still do the migration from a in house Exchange to Office 365?

They are using Entourage for their email client, will that be a problem?

In regards no administrator account available on the exchange server the migration to Online Exchange will not be possible to complete. It's part of the process where you will specify and account with administrator privileges to begin the process.

Thinking about Entourage - yes it is possible. There are extra steps to be taken but the end result is satisfying. check below:


Hope this helps

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