Program that a user and input data then search for it later

Hello. To begin, I am not a programmer. I have a user that is requesting a standalone application that he can input data and have it stored in a database (any type of db). Then be able to search through that data when needed. Here is an example of the data...

The information we need to be able to input and search later is the following:

License state
Guest First Name
Guest Last Name
Ticket Number
Arrival Date

This would be installed on a single desktop, Windows XP  I believe.  I was going to try to use php and create a web app that just stores the data to mysql but I am a complete noob to this..

Any help would be appreciated..
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Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is going to run on a windows desktop then MS Access is the easiest and quickest solution out there.
clynch302Author Commented:
got it
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