What is the best way to organize contacts folders?

Hello Eperts, I have replaced an older win XP, office2003 wks with windows7 and office 2010. Users at this time using yahoo biz mail that I have configured outlook to download all emails, and emails folders from yahoo and had to use imap in order to sync all emails folders.
The user used to use yahoo interface to get to her e-mails but only used outlook 2003 for contacts, after looking in to the pst files I noticed she has about 100 contacts folders that some have multiple sub folders. I can just copy that pst to new computer and open it or exported to current pst files but I want to check to see if there is a better way to group and organize these folders?
Thank you all.
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Change2009--This is a matter of personal taste.  If the user has already set up folders and subfolders in Contacts, I would assume she is comfortable with that.  Have you talked with her whether she now wants thing differently?
In any event, I think I would transfer the whole existing Contacts folder to Office 2010 and make any adjustments after that.
Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you, you are right,
Change2009--You are welcome.
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