Migrating NTFS rights on files and folders to new domain

Hi there.

We are in the pogress of planing a domain migration.

I am wondering if there is a tool that can copy the NTFS and share rights from our old file server to the new one in the new domain, and "translate" the old users SID/names to the new users SID/names ??

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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a few ways of doing this.

1. If you use the ADMT tool to perform the migration to the new domain you have the option of doing security translations on the accounts. This will bring over the user accounts along with any SID history they may have. Allowing the account in the new domain to access any files the user account in the old domain could.

2. Another option would be to use SUBINACL with the CHANGEDOMAIN option

3. Another option is to use the File server migration toolkit. However I have never done this before. I have done options 1 and 2 before.
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