Mailboxes in a DAG


We have a DAG named DAG1. It is composed of about 10 mailbox servers.

I'd like to run a command to find all the mailboxes on that DAG, but can't seem to get this to work. Does anyone know how to?
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
You can work with Multiple ways ..... Get all into a .ps1

Get-Mailbox |Get-MailboxDatabase DB1 -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxDB1.csv
Get-Mailbox |Get-MailboxDatabase DB2 -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxDB2.csv Get-Mailbox |Get-MailboxDatabase DB3 -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxDB3.csv Get-Mailbox |Get-MailboxDatabase DB4 -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxDB4.csv
Get-Mailbox |Get-MailboxDatabase DB5 -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxDB5.csv
So on .......

Get-Mailbox -Server "ServerName" -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxServer1.csv
Get-Mailbox -Server "ServerName" -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxServer2.csv
Get-Mailbox -Server "ServerName" -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxServer3.csv
Get-Mailbox -Server "ServerName" -resultsize unlimited >C:\MailboxServer4.csv
So on .......

If you want the output with some specific data you can do a FL and the attributes

- Rancy
Get-mailboxdatabase "name of the Database on the concerned DAG" | Get-mailbox
In a DAG if you have databases named as DB1,DB2...DB10 then run below command -

Get-MailboxDatabase DB* |Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited

Incase you have exchange installed in different domains make sure to run before running above command

Set-adserversettings -viewentireforest $false
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You might want to get the data output also to a file

Get-MailboxDatabase DB* |Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path C:\Data.csv
or better use this

Get-MailboxDatabase DB* |Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited >C:\Data.csv
Do you have more than one DAG?  Do you have databases that do not belong to the DAG you want to process?
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