Update SQL table from Excel data

I have a column in a SQL table that I need to update with some pricing information on certain items in the table. The pricing updates are contained in an Excel spreadsheet. I'm not to expierienced with SQL but it looks like there are several ways to do it. DTS, OLEDB.

Can someone help me with SQL syntax or provide some insight on the best way to accomplish this?

Table Name - IV00103
Column - Last_Originating_Cost (updated via Cost column from spreadsheet)

I only want to update items where the SQL column itemnmbr matches the item number column in the spreadsheet.
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Gary DavisConnect With a Mentor Dir Internet SvcsCommented:
Check out the NuGet package LinqToExcel if you are using DotNet to read the spreadsheet as a datasource (with Linq) and then update your Sql table.

Gary Davis
eseincAuthor Commented:
I think I have it figured out using DTS, thanks for the input though.
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