Windows 7 programs not opening/ deleting properly, plus printer installation issues

Hi guys,

A customer has an issue with his Dell laptop whereby he can add the network printer and all seems to work, but it doesn't talk. IP address is set up correctly and the driver is the latest one of the correct type. Uninstalling and reinstalling produces no results.

I also noticed at the time that certain programs wouldn't open - you could see the cursor flicker and change for a split second after double-clicking on the shortcut/ executable, but then... nothing. From memory, the process didn't even show in task manager (or I blinked for the moment it did, though I doubt this as it was tried many, many times). In some cases, the process showed up in the process tab, but nothing in the application tab. Waiting for many, many minutes produced no further result.

For whatever reason, I tried to remove Norton 360. It didn't want to via 'Programs & Features', so I tried the Norton removal tool (not the latest one- perhaps I should download that and try again) but was told by that program that I needed to uninstall via 'Programs and Features'.

I ran MBAM, ESET Smart Security, SuperAntiSpyware and a few others and only found some very minor stuff - no worms or Trojans to speak of.

Please suggest the next best course of action. I don't want to have to back-up/ format/ reinstall windows/ restore data, but I'm at a loss as to a better (and quicker) option.

I look forward to your solution!
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Servant-Leggie--I do not know what Dell's disk is, but you seem to have answered the question by trying it.  (Do you have any instruction from Dell about using that disk?  Often Dell provides a Recovery Disk which will wipe your personal data and installed programs.)

Now, what disk can you use to do a Repair Install?
See the section in pink at the top of
Note the info about making an installation disk using Digital River.
If you have a friend with an installation disk of the same Win 7 version, you can probably use that.  But use your own product key when requested.
And you can often get Dell to sell you a proper installation disk (about $30).  
In any event (Digital River, friend, or Dell), the disk must be the same version of Win 7 now installed on the PC.  That means Win 7 SP1 if that is what is now installed.
Good luck.
Servant-Leggie--That PC has several problems.  If this is all something new, run a System Restore from a date before the problems started.  (In fact were any changes made to the PC lately?)

If no help, do a Repair Install.  This should not affect personal files or installed programs, but it is always safest to backup first.

"but it doesn't talk"  ???
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
jcimarron, thanks for that advise- I will proceed with that and will advise on progress.

Sorry, by " doesn't talk" I was indicating that the PC didn't seem to be communicating with the printer. In fact, what would happen is that, after pulling up the print queue box to view progress of the job, a job would be printed. In that box, it would first say, "Spooling", then a second or two later, "Deleting". Initially, the print spooler wasn't started and, after changing this in services.msc, it automatically restarted after many PC restarts. Secondly, I checked the spooled job because, if they don't clear, the printer has issues printing (seen this before a few times). The jobs were there but, after removing, restarting the PC and printing another job (unsuccessfully, with the same symptoms as above), they just started to re-populate.
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Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
By the way, and sorry for the potentially silly question, but can you repair reinstall via the Dell disks provided (assuming that I have all that customer had been given) or will I have to settle for a standard Win7 DVD? I realise the issues of NOT using the Dell disk for a fresh install (because of drivers not being loaded), but wanted to ask the question.
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Have tried to Dell disk and it doesn't want to work as the version on the disk is older than that already loaded on the PC. Guess that answers that question.
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Thanks jcimarron. With your assistance, this problem has been fixed as you noted in your reply. Thanks for all your help.
Servant-Leggie--You are most welcome!!
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