Macbook Pro not booting

Hey guys,

A customer has a Mackbook pro which, initially, wasn't connection to a wifi network, even though the SSID & key details were 100% correct. I brought the Mac back to the office and tried to boot, but it wouldn't go past the Apple icon and spinning (non-rainbow) icon below it. I called the customer and he mentioned that this happens all the time and that he often needs to boot it 15-or-more times before he gets any joy. Tried that to no avail.

Using fsck - fy after booting while holding the shift key, it said that something was out of sequence, but couldn't fix. After another reboot holding <Apple> R and running the disk verification and Repair tool, it said the Mac drive couldn't be repaired.

Expecting that this means so very bad things, how can I get a hold of his data from his Mac when all I have in the office is Win 7/ Win XP boxes?

It might be time for the Mac to go to Apple for a fix, but I'd like to avoid that as he needs the data urgently (always the way, right?!) and they won't be able to comply.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
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It's possible. You should do this:
1. Boot your mac into recovery. Command-R at startup.
2. Choose the utility: disk utility.
3. Attach an USB-drive.
4. In disk utility you'll see the partititions of your HD and usb drive (that is usable for the mac).
5. Click on your mac hd on the left side. And on the right side the "restore" tab.
6. Fill in the source (mac hd) and destination
7. Click on restore, can take a long time.
8. Do a format your mac hd with disk utility.
9. Now you can choose in recovery mode to reinstall your mac.
10. Afterwards plugin your usb and you can restore the files to your Mac.

You could also attach the Mac HD with the windows pc, if that's possible for you. And run a recovery tool to backup all your data.
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Oh, by the way, I am also hoping to get the data off because there seemed to be some indication that, via one of the tools I could access after holding <Apple> R on boot, that I could back up the data, format the drive, restore the drive and restore the data.
Before you transfer the data the USB external as above, you should format it in Mac format using Disk Utility. Format it as Apple Extended Format (Journalled).
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Xaelian, that did the trick.
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