how do i make the transistion of the web page the same for the entire site

For some reason my home page smoothly downloads to the broswer but the rest of the pages just kind of jump out. how do I fix this
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If I understand correctly, you want to include a transition on every page load rather then ever have a traditional page load normally. Their are a few different ways to achieve different effects from plugins, to programming one yourself from scratch in one of a few web languages.

As plugins go, I have wanted to try WOW slider for adding certain types of page transition effects. -- WOW Page Transitions Demos List.

Most transitions are done in Javascript and CSS. If you dont have one in mind you should look around for examples of different transitions available online first.

Once you know the effect your trying to create, you need to research how to implement it. Share an example of the effect with the site and we can better help if you still need it.
I'm no psychic so a link to the site may be helpful
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
its an intranet
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Well then you are asking for the impossible for someone to tell you what the problem is unless you can at least attach the pages that make up the website.

What do you mean
just kind of jump out
Perhaps a little more detail about the "jumping out" would help.  Like...are they going to new tabs?  New Windows?
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
It was this comkment that made me review my CSS
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