SBS Remote Printing through Remote Web Workplace (local printer not sharing)

I have an issue with a Windows 7 x64 Pro computer printing locally (through Remote Web Workplace on a SBS 2003 box) from the corporate workstation.

The client logs on at home with the Win7 x64 computer to his work computer running Windows XP Pro SP3. It asks if he wants to share clipboard and printers, we check both and connect. Two of the local printers come up (two document writers), but the HP Officejet printer does not appear.

The Officejet printer is connected to his local computer via the network. It is wireless. The port is a HP IP port.

What could cause the printer to not share? Is there some known incompatibility?
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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Printing over RDS can be problematic, but at a minumum you must have the same printer name and driver on both computers.  It can be worse with MFCs and USB printers as they are very difficult to get installed on the systems on the other side.  But here, you may be able to install the printer on the office computer as lpt1, as the port won't matter.  It will be redirected if you have that box ticked in your remote client.
tvaccAuthor Commented:
That's probably the issue. I'll take a look tomorrow and update this. Thanks.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The drivers for the Officejet printer have to be installed on the PC to which they are connecting.  You will likely see an Event ID 111 Source Print on that PC when you connect stating the drivers are not present.

-the drivers for the printer have to be installed on the computer to which you are connecting, assuming they are not native to the operating system. Do not install the printer on the computer to which you are connecting but rather; on the "server" computer, open printers and faxes, on the menu bar go to file, server properties, add, and point to the diver .inf file. You will have to download the drivers first to a temporary folder. If you do this remotely, you should log off and back on before trying to print
-if still having problems, again on the computer to which you are connecting, go to printers and faxes, on the menu bar go to file, server properties, ports. Look at the port type. If it is a Dot4, you will need to use the following Microsoft fix:;en-us;q302361
-if it is an option, often connecting the printer to another local computer and sharing it, then connecting to the share rather than having it attached locally, often resolves the problem.
-if you are using a USB printer, though it usually works (some multi-function units do not), Microsoft does not officially support USB printing through remote desktop sessions. Vista is supposed to resolve this, though it doesn't help you now.
-avoid PCL6 drivers with terminal services
the hp office jet driver can be hard to install on the remote pc as the drive will detect that it cant find the printer and then roll back the install, plus you just want the drive not all ht other HP stuff that comes with it.
What I normally do is commence the install - which expands the files into a temp folder,
then I manully go into printer, server properties, add drivers, and then browse to the temp folder created to add the drivers. It is a little cumbersome but will work.
Then when you connect it will find the drivers
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