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I have a user that wants to have a shortcut to the outlook finance department calendar.  On her old pc it appears to be a shortcut using finance.xnk she received a new pc running windows 7 an office 2010 home.  Is there a way to make the shortcut to her calendar work on the new pc.  Detailed steps would be great
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Jackie ManCommented:
This feature has been removed in Outlook 2010.

"Send Link to This Folder

In Office Outlook 2007 and in some earlier versions, this feature opens a new mail message that has an attached .xnk file that links to the public folder. Because of increased security in Office Outlook 2007, access is denied to Microsoft Exchange Server public folder shortcuts with an .xnk file name extension. This is by default. So, in Outlook 2010, the Send Link to This Folder on the Public Folder shortcutt menu is removed. Instead, consider using SharePoint Server for collaboration."

Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179110.aspx#BKMK_WhatsRemoved
TechyTAuthor Commented:
thank you was beating head at wall trying to figure out.
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