Migrate from Backup Exec 12.5 to Backup Exec 2012

Hello Experts,

One of our client has a Backup Exec 12.5 installed on windows 2000 server. They have purchased the Backup Exec 2012 and want their existing backup setup to be migrated to the new version.

Upgrade option is not feasible since the OS also has to be upgraded, hence i have installed the
Backup Exec  2012 on Windows 2008 R2.

Is there any option to export the existing configuration to the new setup? or if it has to be configured from the scratch what are the details that i have to make a note of from the existing setup??

Thanks in advance
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vinu2930Author Commented:
We brought down the old BE server, installed the new BE server and configured the Tape drive and jobs manually and it is working with no issues.
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
There is actually a process refer to line item 9 in the below article:

Per the link in the above article, use these instructions:

Keep in mind 2012 is dramatically different from 12.5
vinu2930Author Commented:
thanks for the reply rbarnhardt....

But the link speaks about the changes that occur to the existing configuration during an in-place upgrade and not a separate installation.

In my scenario the existing setup of 12.5 is installed on a windows 2000 OS and upgrade is not feasible. So, i have to install a new supported OS installation(which i have installed win2k8 r2) and install backup exec 2012..

My query is there an option to export the existing settings/configuration of 12.5 and import it to new 2012. OR do i have to redo the entire configuration from the scratch on the 2012.  If it has to be done freshly then what details in the existing i have to make a note of prior to configuring the new 2012.

Note : I am very new to the backup profile so i take time in understanding the backup terms.

would appreciate your suggestions.
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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
This should walk you through it. It is a step by step and applies to all pretty much all products. It is easier if you can keep the new media server the same name as the old one.

vinu2930Author Commented:
should the BE versions be the same or it can be different??
vinu2930Author Commented:
there wasnt an option to upgrade from 12.5 to 2012, since the former was installed on win2000 and latter was to be installed on a windows 2008 os. finally we decided to goahead with the plan of a fresh installation of the backup server. we only had a few backup jobs to configure and it didnt take much time to do so.
when i try to upgrade BE 12.5 to 2012 , Backup Exec 2012 Pre-install Environmental Check hangs on SQL Server Group Check
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