.net application multi user enviroment

Hi experts,

I'm not totally new to .net and Visual studio. But i was playing with the idea making a application that many users would run at the same time. I was thinking that the actual application would run locally on each users pc, and the application should be used for making a lot of reports. So i see this tool as my best choice (http://www.devexpress.com/).

But how do i "update" the application if it is running locally?

I know this may be a strange question, but as it is now we are using a MS access mdb as front end and Oracle as back end.

But i saw some videos on www.devexpress.com and it seems to be a lot more professional and flexible to use.

Any usefull comments on this?

Thank you in advance for taking time to give me feedback on this!
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Gerry BartleyConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
If at all possible, I would develop the application  as a web application, negating the need for a client install at all. If not possible then studio supports clickonce deployment which automatically updates the client machine when a new version of the application is avaialable

DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
Web application is not an option, but the link was great! Thanks!
DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
Just what i needed!
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