Send a WOL packet to all client PCs

Does anyone know of an easy way to send simultaneous WOL packets to all client PCs on my W2008 server network? I have around 100 clients, a mixture of XP/Vista/W7.  They have an array of different network cards, but I have now changed all BIOS and adapter card settings so that they are now all WOL-ready.  I can wake them up individually, but would like to be able to schedule to do this at a particular time, once a week.  Any ideas?  i would consider 3rd oparty software solutions...
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this is a really good program will search you lan for MAC's and you can configure groups
If i read this it is not possible unless you have a list of all MAC-addresses:

Magic packet
The magic packet is a broadcast frame containing anywhere within its payload 6 bytes of all 255 (FF FF FF FF FF FF in hexadecimal), followed by sixteen repetitions of the target computer's 48-bit MAC address, for a total of 102 bytes.
Since the magic packet is only scanned for the string above, and not actually parsed by a full protocol stack, it may be sent as any network- and transport-layer protocol, although it is typically sent as a UDP datagram to port 7 or 9, or directly over Ethernet as EtherType 0x0842.

A standard magic packet has the following basic limitations:
- Requires destination computer MAC address (also may require a SecureOn password)
- Does not provide a delivery confirmation
- May not work outside of the local network
- Requires hardware support of Wake-On-LAN on destination computer

The Wake-on-LAN implementation is designed to be very simple and to be quickly processed by the circuitry present on the network interface card (NIC) with minimal power requirement. Because Wake-on-LAN operates below the IP protocol layer the MAC address is required and makes IP addresses and DNS names meaningless.

What wikipedia says...

This article says it is possible with a script:

This link show a tool for multiple computers, looks handy and what you want:
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
There is a setting in BIOS on many computers that allow them to wake on a schedule. You can also create a task in Task Manager that will wake them from sleep mode, but it won't work if the computer is powered off.

A third party program (which I have not evaluated personallY) called SmartPower that claims to do the same is located at:

In many cases you can also use a little-known feature of many routers to do exactly what you are asking - wake up multiple computers on a schedule. See the relevant article at:
For power purposes, you wouldn't really want to turn on 100 computers simultaneously.

Even the BIOS setting proposed by tqfdotus would be better, since clocks synced daily could still all be a second or two different and spread out the startup surge (which can easily be 2 or 3 times what they normally draw) over a 3 or 4 second span instead of all of them turning on within a millisecond (typical ping response time on a LAN) of each other.

Otherwise, sending 100 different magic packets with a script should take only a few seconds.
philwood12Author Commented:
This is a really good bit of software - thank you.
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