You do not have permission to access this file

we have a small network running server 2008
we send our our policy using group policy user\configuration\preferences\mapped drive
Policy works fine on xp clients
we have new windows 7 clients
when you log on you see the mapped drives you should
when you try to write or change anyting on the drive you get error you do not have permission to access this file
have checked all the permessions on the folder and have given full rights to everyone
I have checked the share on the folder
If I manually map the drive I have no problem
Please help
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Lionel MMConnect With a Mentor Small Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Sure they are quite easy to do Here is an example of mine--this may not make any sense to you so if you tell me the server name and a few of the shares you have I can write it for you -- I call this file NetUses.Bat. You can call it logon.bat and put this in the logon script section of GPO (do you know where this is?) or add it to the user settings in "DomainUsers and Computers" .

@Echo On
Rem       Created by
Rem       Used to create Network Connections for
Set Server=SBServer

net use /p:n

Net Use H: /d /y
Net use H: \\%Server%\PublicFolder
If ErrorLevel 1 GoTo Drv-H_Err
GoTo MS-Dynamics

Echo.      Error Connecting to Public Folder Drive H:-), Contact Tech Support!
GoTo MS-Dynamics

Net Use M: /d /y
Net Use M: \\%Server%\MS-Dynamics
If ErrorLevel 1 GoTo Drv-M_Err
GoTo Users

Echo      Problem Connecting to Drive M \\sbserver\MS-Dynamics, Contact Tech Support!

Net Use U: /d /y
Net Use U: \\%Server%\%UserName%
If ErrorLevel 1 GoTo Drv-U_Err
If %UserName% == Kim GoTo QBooks
GoTo Downloads

Echo      Problem Connecting to Drive U \\sbserver\%UserName%, Contact Tech Support!
If %UserName% == Kim GoTo QBooks
GoTo Downloads

Net Use Q: /d /y
Net Use Q: \\%Server%\QuickBooks
If ErrorLevel 1 GoTo Drv-Q_Err
GoTo Downloads

Echo      Problem Connecting to Drive Q \\sbserver\QuickBooks, Contact Tech Support!

Rem      All Users Need This Connection to Z:
Net Use Z: /d /y
Net Use Z: \\%Server%\Downloads
If ErrorLevel 1 GoTo Drv-Z_Err

Echo.      Error Connecting to Downloads Drive Z: Contact Tech Support!
GoTo Lpt

GoTo End
Rem This starts another script if the conditions are met--if username=lmm
If %UserName% == LMM Start /MIN \\%Server%\NetLogon\Connect-AllPCs.Bat
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
perhaps a logon script that unmaps the drive then maps it again might be in order.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
When I added a Win7 to my Windows 2008 server I had permissions issues for weeks on end. I eventually went back to creating network drives with logon scripts and not with GPO AND I had to apply and take ownership (applying to sub folders) (Advanced settings) several times before the permissions issues finally "went away". It was not do this once and it was gone. I had problems for weeks--still could not tell you exactly what was wrong--all I can tell you is that I redid and re-applied security on my shared folders again and again and took ownership again and again. Even re-created folders and shares until finally the permissions issues went away.
kathb2011Author Commented:
Thanks can you provide any help with the log on scripts with server 2008 thanks
kathb2011--Regrets.  I cannot, but maybe some else will.
If needed open a new question.
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