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Im am trying to print a file from a remote pc using this command through Powershell

The following command works fine if the file is located on my local machine Start-Process –FilePath “C:\Temp\Fliename.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru |%{sleep 10;$_} | kill


However I need to print a file off a remote machine so I use the following command : invoke-command -computername COMPUTER -scriptblock {Start-Process –FilePath “C:\Temp\Filename.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru |%{sleep 10;$_} | kill}

 Running the command off the local PC with the file also on the local PC works it just does not work off the remote PC.

The command to print file off remote machine does not work and returns NO errors
Kyle DaviesRetail Software SpecialistAsked:
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

To run powershell commands remotely, the remote PC must be configured properly, Have you configured the PCs you are trying to run the commands on? Here is a guide on how to configure the computers properly -

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