Find & Replace Data within phpMyAdmin

Hello ...

I'm trying to find a replace forward slashes with back slashes within a specific field  on a mysql table.

The SQL i'm using is as follows within phpMyadmin

UPDATE images_T SET image_path = replace(image_path, "\", "/");

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But when I try this I receive the following message

ERROR: Unclosed quote @ 70
STR: "
SQL: UPDATE xcart_images_T_bck SET image_path = replace(image_path, "\", "/");

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks
Shafiq KhanAsked:
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It may be thinking you are escaping the quote ... try
UPDATE images_T SET image_path = replace(image_path, "\\", "/");
Shafiq KhanAuthor Commented:
Great.. Many Thanks.

That did the trick :-)
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