How to get data from java program into a URL

Dear Experts
A couple of months ago I asked the following question:

"I have to develop a program that can display the sites on a map where certain plants have been found.  How do I start doing this in Java. It has to fit into a Java Swing application.
The data will come from a Access Database and I know how to make contact to Access.
Looking forward to your answer"

and I got the answer from Doug:

"I would suggest using Google maps to display the location of the plants (
coupled with a component for showing HTML within the Swing app:"

I have now placed the HTML code  implementing the Google maps in a html-file , and clicking this file actually opens a Google map with markers on it.

Now I would like to have some assistanc on how to send the coordinates for the markers (red spots on the map) from the java program to be implemented in the Google maps?

Looking foraward to your answer
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Amitkumar PConnect With a Mentor Sr. ConsultantCommented:
The example is there in the link provided by Doug.

Refer the section "Using Ajax to Enhance our Google Maps Application: Dynamic
" in
JorgenAxAuthor Commented:
The solution seems promising, but I still have a problem with request.status = 0 that keeps the program from functionning, which needs to be solved.  I have tried to ask the question to the community, but I am not sure if it has comr through?

Thank you for you answers
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