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I have a small office with 3 macs in it. Currently the data is spread evenly accross all 3 macs.
One of the 3 macs is moving to work from home - they all still need to be able to share the data they currently share some of which are large files (100mb +).
Could anyone suggest a good solution - I thought of remote desktop but that would require one of the macs to act as a server wouldnt it which would mean it couldnt be used for normal day to day stuff as well?
Scratching my head on this one!
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If all you need to do is share data, then you can just convert one of your 3 macs to a file server, add the user account, and turn on SSH services.  For a handful of Macs, and unless they're running simulations or hard core number crunching, this won't put much of a strain on the system.  You could add an external drive and share that.  The user at home can then use cyberduck to log in to copy files back and forth.  Everyone else can just find the share and drop it there.  Cyberduck is a drag and drop interface so the home user will be able to drag and drop files normally.  He'll just have the extra step of starting cyberduck to connect.

Just wondering: Do you need more than just file sharing?  You mentioned that you thought of Mac Remote desktop, but ruled it out.  What exactly do you need to do with aquaconnect, that you can't do with Apple Remote Desktop?  Does it connect to a separate desktop on the Mac while the user is still using it?
You could use something like Dropbox to share the files:
You could use dropbox. But I recommend to configure a VPN connection to the office. A smill file server located on the network where everyones files are located.

So that they need to connect with VPN to the office and that they can take the files located on the fileserver.

I prefer the VPN with file server option. Reason, well it's simple, most will work in the dropbox folder. So if they accidently delete a file, the file is deleted in everyones dropbox folder.

This is the same for the NAS if they work direcly on it. But imo everyone will copy the files to their local HD. Use it/edit if and if they changed something they will place it back on the NAS.
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You could turn on ssh on one of the macs at work and use scp to copy the files.  If you need a drag and drop interface, you could also use cyberduck from the home system to connect.
Have you thought about a Network Attached Storage (LAN server)? I have a few, at different locations, and they work well for saving data, retrieving files, from inside the LAN, or from an external site (password protected).

These solutions are not expensive and don't require that specific computers be turn on to allow the data to be accessed.

Maybe I don't understand your issue, but it sure looks like NAS would be a sulution.

And my LAN shows up with shared drives on a Windows 7 laptop, a MacBook Pro, and a Windows XP system.  Mapping directories to a hard disk letter (Block Device Letter) makes life even easier.

I also use a Pogoplug system with 1 Terrabyte of storage that starts off as a mapped network drive, and it can serve up files to my iPhone using the and to remote computers with the proper credentials.

Just a thought if this is what you're describing as your need.
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
I found this:
Has anyone used it or have any thoughts on it?
A collegue of mine uses it with customers. It's a good tool, but he told me that it's really pricy. His client bought it (big enterprise), for them it's affordable.

He would recommend it, but he said that you have to take a look at the price. If it's not to pricy he says: "Buy it".
+2 votes for Dropbox.
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
I found the software
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