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GIMP - Windows and Dialog Boxes Lose Focus

Sometimes, when working in GIMP, if I open a new image file, the main editing window will lose focus or even pop up behind another window I have open.  Then I try to click on the editing window to bring it forward again, but it stays behind the other window.  I have to click on another window and then back on the GIMP window to get it to become the active window again.

This also happens sometimes when I open tool or filter dialog boxes in GIMP.  The dialog box will come up behind other windows, and I have to go looking for it to bring it forward.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?  This has been happening in past and current versions of GIMP on Windows XP and 7.
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The Gimp user interface has always had these problems. It was the way it was constructed with all those floating working areas.

I recommend upgrading to Gimp 2.8. They have improved the interface so you can select a single window mode and you'll never have the problems that you mentioned.

To set Gimp 2.8 to single window mode: Windows > Single-Window Mode

Download Gimp 2.8 here: http://www.gimp.org/
Seaton007Author Commented:
I already have 2.8 installed.  I hadn't looked into single window mode yet, but I am giving it a try now.  Thanks!
My Gimp window always stay in front and the same with toolbox everything else seems to drop behind whatever
Set your main Gimp window to medium at least it gives you some space
Go to EDIT Preferences in GIMP>HELP
Chapter 1.17
1.17. Window Management
This page lets you customize the way windows are handled in GIMP.
Window Manager Hints
Window type hints for the toolbox and the docks
The choices you make here determine how the Toolbox, and the docks that hold dialogs, will be treated. You have three possibilities for them:
If you choose Normal Window, they will be treated like any other windows.
If you choose Utility Window, the reduce button in the title bar is absent and the docks will remain permanently on your screen.

SEE >>>
Figure 11.24. Utility window title bar - Normal title bar
The title bar in a utility window
If you choose Keep above, they will be kept in front of every other window at all times.

Note that changes you make here will not take effect until the next time you start GIMP.

Activate the focused image
Normally, when you focus an image window (usually indicated by a change in the color of the frame), it becomes the “active image” for GIMP, and therefore the target for any image-related actions you perform.
Some people, though, prefer to set up their window managers such that any window entered by the pointer is automatically focused.
If you do this, you may find that it is inconvenient for focused images to automatically become active, and may be happier if you uncheck this option.
Seaton007Author Commented:
Thanks guys!
Glad to have helped in some small way

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