excel source reading entire column as nulls

i have one excel data feed it contains nealy 20 columns (data may be 4000 records)

few columns having the balcks from the hedders(i.e from starting to 20 records  are blancks),
after some records these colums having the values

when we try to lod the data from excel to DB these entires columns data comming as null even few records have the values

i observed that if i give some value after the hedder then the packge  loadingperfectly

how can i over come this issue if the columns desont have the values from hedder
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Craig YellickConnect With a Mentor Database ArchitectCommented:
I've been importing data into SQL Server for years and can tell you Excel is a miserable way to acquire data. If there's any other option, like delimited text, you'll be better off.

Generally speaking, having nulls or blanks in the first row can cause various import tools, whether the SSMS Import Wizard or the SSIS package designer, to associate the wrong datatype for the column. This happens when you allow the designer to automatically generate the column definitions.

The solution is to dig deeper into the import source column definition and fix the data type.

You can also save the Excel file as a .CSV file and import that instead. Usually is much cleaner.
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