Switch mic and phone jacks?

My son has a HP DV4 laptop computer with a damaged earphone jack.  In order to hear, he has to hold the plug up against the jack.

I think replacing this jack will require major surgery, in that the whole machine has to be disassembled to get at the jack.

I had until recently a desktop computer where I could assign functions to the various jacks, such that they could either be inputs or outputs.  I wonder if there is a way to reprogram the mic jack  to be the headphone jack, because it is still in good condition.

Does anybody know how this might be achieved?

Charlie WestonAsked:
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Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Hi Chaz,
I can't tell you how to switch the mic and headphone jacks, but I can tell you how to solve the problem for $6.75 (with free shipping), as long as your son's laptop has an available USB port:

I have one of these and it works beautifully on both my XP and W7 laptops. I think your son will be very happy with it. Regards, Joe
the switching is controlled by the sound system and driver, so try updating the sound driver
if it is non existent in yours, you cannot reprogram
Marc ZCommented:
I agree with Joe. Get the usb sound card. That way he'll still have the available mic input.  (good for skype or any other voiced chat)
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Joe Winograd, EE Fellow 2017, MVE 2016, MVE 2015DeveloperCommented:
While @mtz1of4 is correct that your son will still be able to use the mic jack on the laptop, note that the adapter I recommended also has a mic jack. Here's a picture of it:
Syba USB stereo audio adapterRegards, Joe
"I wonder if there is a way to reprogram the mic jack  to be the headphone jack"

No, not on your laptop...the motherboard configuration will not allow this.

Are you are sure that its the laptops jacks contacts and not the headphones plugs contacts?
A 2.5mm Headset Extension Cord may give a better/ proper contact:

Otherwise the USB to 2.5mm Headset adapter will be the simple solution
Charlie WestonAuthor Commented:
Probably not the best audio quality, but good enough.  I ordered one of these today.
your question was how to switch mic and phone jacks
i believe i gave you the correct answer : it is a function of the hardware and driver - and if non-existant, you cannot reprogram

the accepted answer is just a workaround
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