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I am trying to alter facebook fanbox text and logo and facebook like box logo.

At present the facebook logos are showing as white - I want them to show as dark.  I have tried changing the setting to 'light' for the colour scheme but this doesn't seem to alter the logos or the text on the facebook fan box.  I have attached the facebook.css and the code for the page which relates to this functionality is below

<div class="facebookfanbox">
<a href="" target="_new"><img src="images/FBFanPage.png" style="margin-bottom:10px;" /></a>
<fb:fan profile_id="281864048530011" stream="0" connections="12" logobar="0" width="247" height="290" css=""></fb:fan></div>

<!-- <fb:like-box href="" width="247" height="350" show_faces="true" stream="false" header="false" font="arial" border_color="#3f3f3f" colorscheme="light"></fb:like-box>-->

<div class="facebooklike">
<img src="images/FBRecommend.png" style="margin:10px;"/>
<fb:activity site="" width="259" height="330" header="false" colorscheme="light" font="arial" border_color="#3f3f3f" recommendations="true"></fb:activity></div>
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You can't make these images a different color because they are images. You would have to change the actual images in PhotoShop or some other program.
The text is part of the images as well, so you can't change the color with CSS.
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