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Sometimes after a crash or reboot of an Excel 2010 file, the Tab names get reset to their Object Name (e.g., Chart1, Chart2, Sheet1, Sheet2, etc...). Has anyone experienced this, and do you know of a fix to this issue?
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Why would you be crashing enough to notice such an anomaly? What version of Windows are you running? Do you keep your temp folder free and clear?

Just do step 2. Regularly.

chadfranAuthor Commented:
Win7/Office 2010. This is another person that is experiencing this, but I've seen this behavior myself, but unable to reproduce it. I've tried googling it but have not found anything. I'll try flushing the temp folder to see if that resolves the issue for them and get back to you. I'm concerned also why he says his Excel crashes, but I suspect something else is going on there.
chadfranAuthor Commented:
Reimaging machine. Will see if issue goes away.
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