Count Related Records in other Table and if >1 change control

I want to populate a control (not bound) on my continuous form when there are records in a different table.  

I've gotten this far but need help making the control change.  
DLookup("Count(*)", "[BoardComments]", "[BoardID] = " & Me.BoardID)

Something like this?
DLookup("Count(*)", "[BoardComments]", "[BoardID] = " & Me.BoardID)>0
End If

Doesn't like that.  Suggestions?
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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have bound controls then the code you posted should work. I assume the code would go in the form current event, so you would only get the result for a record when you moved to that record.

If you want to see the results for all records as soon as you open the form,  then you would have to run an update query to set the 1's and 0's  on your table before opening the form, or maybe in the form open event.  Then you would not need any further code in the form for this purpose.
If you use an unbound control, every record will show the same value as derived from the current record.  You cannot show different values in different records.
Scotto123Author Commented:
That's why I'm using the Dlookup to lookup the BoardID from the current record.  
Still won't work?
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Scotto123Author Commented:
I see your point Peter.  So if I bound the control to the table, how would the code look?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Examine Pete's suggestion first.

For strictly informational purposes, here is something similar I did for another similar question
(If a Customer had Orders)
Scotto123Author Commented:
I will work on this when I get back to work on 9/3.  I will take both solutions into consideration.  Thank you.
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