Pagefile Size Server 2008 R2

I have a server with DataCenter 20008 R2 SP1, it is mainly used as a virtual machine host. The server has 64gb of memory. I noticed when i got the server there was a tone of space used. Thats when i noticed the 64GB paging file. It is set to let windows pick whats best. What have you admins done out there with this setting? Thanks!
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* Page file on Hyper-V Host should be set to a fixed size (4GB max) on the system drive, since most Hyper-V implementations have large amounts of physical memory, and, by default, the page file is the same size as the physical amount of memory.
 •Can be placed on a SAN drive, if desired
 •Should not be on a VM volume, to reduce possible disk latency if page file is being used by host


So instead of accepting the default System Managed pagefile setting, you should specify minimum and maximum pagefile sizes equal to 1x and 3x the amount of RAM used by the host operating system, respectively.
valmaticAuthor Commented:
So i understand, it seems like they conflict.....

The first says no more than 4GB max for the server.

Then the second says start at 1 x the ram of the host, but i am not sure i have no VMs yet.

So do you think set it manually to 4000 to 16000 max??

I would set it to 4GB.  

The second says 1x-3x host use. Host is likely using < 2GB.
valmaticAuthor Commented:
ok, makes sense thanks for the help
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