Windows Command Line Editor (with syntax autocompletion)

I am searching for a Windows command line (CMD) text editor syntax highlighting.
We do a lot of Batch file creating, and editing, and it would be good to have some kind of formal application that would help to prettify the .bat/.cmd files and also have automatic syntax completion.  Does anyone know of any good free or cheap program that you can do this with?

Notepad++ offers capability of doing this with almost all other languages, but it doesn't appear that it will help with Command line CMD.exe editing.

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I'm partial to Programmer's Notepad.

It has support for a large variety of languages/formats, including CMD/Batch and auto-complete is configurable (e.g., auto-complete after x characters or auto-complete on request [Ctrl+space]).
afrpaAuthor Commented:
Awesome recommendation.  Thanks for the info.
 - God Bless.
My pleasure.  Happy batching ;)
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