Can't logon to Windows XP shared directory

We have a remote client that logs onto a Windows XP box with sharing and security set to the users who are logging on.  We have done this for years but they have changed the clients to Windows 7 and we are getting the message "The referenced account is currently locked and may not be logged onto." We have the user credentials in the vault using the IP, userid and password.  We have one machine that will connect and 4 that get this message.
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isdedsmAuthor Commented:
The problem was on the client's site...they changed the domain for the new machines but the  machine they were to connect to was in the old domain! Oh the trials of tech support!
I assume by "they" you mean your IT department?

Ask your sys admin to unlock that users active directory account :)

Also, ask if that users account is set to 'never expire'?
Check on the WIN7 side.. they must have file & print services enabled to connect to the XP machine.
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