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taskbar on the left with toolbar on the rightHello,
Here's my wish.  I have a Safari browser shortcut added to my toolbar, as shown on the sreenshot.  I have all the other browsers as well.
The "taskbar" shows all of the browsers I am using.  I use Safari for my administrative "stuff," but I also need one more browser to test with.  I could download Opera, but would rather use Safari.  So this is my wish; I would like to have a separate Safari process running that would show on the taskbar like IE, FF and Chrome are now showing, so that I could click on the Safari taskbar icon and only the test browser would come to focus.  If I click on the other Safari taskbar icon, I would have to select the one I am using for testing from a list of may other session windows I have open.
I hope you understand my explanation.
taskbar on the left with toolbar on the right
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
chima--You can have two Safari icons showing on the Taskbar.  Create shortcuts for the two by first modifying the name of one (Like Safari2), then right clicking on each independently and choosing Pin to Taskbar.  You can also right click and Change Icon on the Shortcut tab to help differentiate between the two Safari programs.
Sudeep SharmaConnect With a Mentor Technical DesignerCommented:
Well I am trying to understand your requirement, however did you tried the option to "Pin to Taskbar" for Opera.
chimaAuthor Commented:
jcimarron, I had tried the suggestion you make and there is one major problem with adding the "changed name Safari icon" to the toolbar, and that is when both are used (which I want to use both at one time), it automatically consolidates them.  I need for them (icons) to be separate and for each to hold the websites/url which I openned  each with.
I also tried added a shortcut to the taskbar; this keeps them separate, but still combines all of the websites, plus when I click on the one on the taskbar it simply opens another session.
Any other suggestions?
chimaAuthor Commented:
chima--Glad to have been of some help.
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