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I want to hyperlink into a word document

I am documenting a system and I would like  to hyperlink into a particular position in a word document when I click on a link.

I considered doing this with Macro's, but that seems like the hard way. Surely there must be some common solution to this problem that does not require creating a html help project.
Christopher Schene
Christopher Schene
1 Solution
If it's the same document you can create a Table of Contents and link to there.  If you're looking for more you need to create bookmarks for the jump to

You need to Insert a Bookmark in the Word doc, which works like an anchor in a html page.  Then you can make a html link to it using this guide http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310520
as said above insert the bookmark first (the target place). then insert the hyperlink. select PLACE IN THIS DOCUMENT while inserting the hyperlink.
Test the hyperlink using ctrl+clik over the hyperlink created.
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As has been said, the Word document needs to have bookmarks set in various locations in order to jump to them from Visio.

I've included a zip file with a Visio document with hyperlinks into a Word document. The Word document has two Heading 2s: "Background" and "Technical Specs". Using the Insert > Bookmark command on the ribbon, I assigned these two headings the bookmarks: "Background" and "TechnicalSpecs" (no spaces.)

In Visio, there are two ways to jump to the "sub-locations" within Word. You can use the Sub-address field like this:
Link to bookmark using sub address
Or you can add the # sign to the end of the document's address, then append the name of the bookmark, like this:
Link to bookmark using # signRemember in both cases, you are typing the name of the bookmark, not the heading text. They are similar in this example, but they don't need to be! I could have named them "Bookmark1" and "Bookmark2", for example.

Christopher ScheneSystem Engineer/Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Visio_guy - "I've included a zip file with a Visio document with hyperlinks into a Word document." -

I opened the Visio doc in Visio and need to know how I can view and/or modify the Hyperlink in Visio.

Select shape, then hit ctrl + k.

You can also edit links by right-clicking shapes, there's an option in the pop-up menu.
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