Samsung CLX-3185FW color output on heavier stock paper looks like paint roller running out of paint at bottom of page

The top of every page is perfect.  The more pages you print on this special paper (not much thicker than 80 weight.)  the worse the effect is.  However printing on plain paper with full page picture will not produce the same effect.  The best I can describe is like how a paint roller runs out of paint and leaves only partial coverage.  Waiting for the company who makes the paper to get us exact specs on the paper.  Any help is appreciated.  The application is cloud based and creates a PDF before actually printing.  The problem does not happen on the other color printer available.
Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerAsked:
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Is this textured paper? It's likely your fuser temperature is just a little too low for this stock so as the paper goes through it starts to cool the fuser, Ok initially but as you get to the end of the sheet you're just below the melt temperature for the toner. Also can get the same effect if the stock is slightly damp.  See if you printer settings allow you to raise the fuser temp slightly (look for a stock weight option in the printer options).
With laser printers you have to tell the printer if you are printing on anything but standard bond paper. In the driver you can specify different paper types and/or weights. The printer needs to know this so it can apply the correct amount of heat in the fuser.

Not knowing what kind of paper this is or how heavy, there's not much more we can say. Just one thing though: make certain this is not inkjet paper. If it is, not only will the print quality be poor, it may also damage the printer's fuser if the coating comes of. Inkjet paper has a clay coating that stops the ink from soaking into the paper.
Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
That was it.  Works great.
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