How to have applications follow a user on different computers

I have taken over as Technology Coordinator for a school district.  The district used to use RUP for every user (over 700) along with folder redirection.  RUP along with improperly configured folder redirection and really old hardware was causing 20 minute plus logins.

With that being said, the district is no longer using RUP and folder redirection has been corrected (and still using ancient hardware).  I am currently only redirecting the desktop and documents.

I have a couple of applications that a few of my users need to be able to use no matter what computer they are logged into.  Is this something that I can implement by redirecting application data?  Or do I need to implement roaming profiles for those users?

I'm in a mixed Windows 7/XP environment.  My DC's are running Windows Server 2008 r2.
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best solution is to configure a terminal server and publish those apps.
You cant have an app roam as there are typically too many registry settings etc that make it work and the app needs to be installed onto the machine.
plus you may also have licensing issues
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