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I have FTP server that has a multiple site and a few users security . Last week that server has hard disk error so i plan to move FTP to other server . What is tool to move FTP to other server .Is there  migration guide for FTP migration

My old FTP - window 2003 r2

New server -window 2003 or window 2008

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DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't believe that there are any tools to migrate easily to 2008. If you stick to the same drive letters you can probably use the Metabase explorer to migrate to another 2003 server but you may still have user and permissions issues.

Assuming your users are local to the computer (i.e. not Active Directory users) then when you move to a new server you will break the security. The FTP service uses standard NTFS security so whilst you can preserve the user names the Access Control Lists(ACLs) are written in terms of Security Identifiers (SIDS) and when you install Windows you create a new SID.

The only tool I know that will deal with this is Secure Copy Pro but its not cheap:-


and I am not sure if it will deal with rights assigned to users as opposed to local groups.

Personally I would consider virtualizing the server to either Hyper-V or Vmware ESXi. That way you can copy it to new hardware and not loose anything. If all the server does is act as an FTP servers then a dedicated server is probably overkill, so by going virtual you can free up some of the other capacity for other uses.

However that may not be possible as you will probably invalidate the licence, if its a BIOS locked 2003 OEM licence as supplied with many servers.
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