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Static IP And Router Setup Questions

Hello All;

OK, I am with Windstream, and I just received my Static IP Through them the other day.
However, it is a little strange how they assign the Static IP Addresses.
This is how it is done, which gives 2 IP Addresses.

Router IP:
Usable IP:

I have the DNS At my hosting provider setup with an [A] Record to points to my "Usable Static IP"

OK, the Router has picked up on the "Router Assigned IP"
So, my question is this.
How do I assign the "Usable Static IP"?

I have a Linksys WRT120N (Needed a wireless, so I grabbed this one)
I have the router setup with Port Forwarding to my Server
But where do I assign the "Usable Static IP" Address?

Is this Router NOT going to work with this type of DUAL Static IP Assignment?
I know that with a single static IP address, I would simply just point the records and everything would work with the Linksys Router, however, with the dual Static IP Assignment, this does not seem to be the case.

I do have a Cisco PIX Router in storage, that I can grab out to use, if this Linksys setup is not going to work, however, I would have to do a Triple setup, as I will still need to Wireless Linksys Router inline.

===>Windstream Modem
=====>Linksys Router
========>Cisco PIX

Any thoughts or idea's on this totally messed up situation?

Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron
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1 Solution
According to Windstream they give you 2 usable IP addresses, I'm assuming that you don't need to configure the second IP unless you need it and just set A record to IP.

Have you already tried this?

Is the Windstream modem just a modem or is it a router as well?  Is it a Windstream branded modem?

What internal IP address is it assigning to your Linksys?

The PIX can have multiple external IP's.
What you described is not dual addressing. One of the addresses (Router IP) is reserved for the Windstream Modem.

Set WAN interface of the WRT120N to the Usable IP. Set a default route to the Router IP.
You can try putting your Windstream modem in Bridged-Mode. Then you can your both IP addresses on your Pix, one for Outside interface and the other for MX or any other port forwarding.
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Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
The IP That is assigned to the Linksys is the
And yes, I have tried using the .1 address, and it seemed to have worked yesterday.
However, that was running straight off from the Windstream 1704 Modem/Router.
Now, that I have the Linksys inline, it is not working on either of the IP Addresses.

Now, if I find out that I could have gone without the Linksys, then I am going to be pissed.
As the Windstream tech told me that I had to have another router inline in order to use the other IP Address, which is the "Usable" IP Address.
If the Windstream is a modem router then I'd just setup the linksys for wireless only and not have it do routing.

If the Windstream has wireless then i'd remove the Linksys altogether.

I assume you setup the firewall on the Linksys to forward traffic to where it needs to go.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
Where would the "WAN Interface Settings" be at inside of the "Linksys WRT120N"
Right now, the Linksys is using the "Router IP"

The Windstream is in Bridge Mode.
I do not have the Cisco here, and right now, I prefer not to have to bring it in, unless I absolutely have to.

The Windstream is a : Router, Wireless and 4-Port wired Router.
The Linksys, I have setup: POP, SMTP, DNS, WWW
However, none of them are working with the IP Address that is assigned to the Router.

So, right now, nothing is working like it is supposed to work.
Sounds like the Linksys wasn't needed at all if everything worked fine on the Windstream before the Linksys came into it.  I assume you bridged the Windstream because you said everything worked fine until you added in the Linksys.  

Try Unbridging it, removing the Linksys, and reconfiguring everything as it was before when it worked.  If you were only using the Linksys for wireless, you can still do that without having it do routing.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
The Linksys was brought in because I was told by the Windstream tech, that I would need another router that would work with the other IP Address, as the Windstream 1704 would not.

I tested the 1704 yesterday (As I just got the Linksys in today), and I was able to get a hit back using this tool here: http://mxtoolbox.com/
And it showed my Server_Name.domain_name.com
In the mail heading, but with an error, but still, it showed it, and it was from me.
Today, the only thing that I can get is the [A] Record, of which I believe is coming from my Hosting Provider, and not from me.

I have setup 2 [A] records on my Hosting site, that point to:  .1 and .2
And bother are giving me the same exact results.

I will test the 1704 tomorrow by itself, as right now, I do not want to take the internet down.
The "Router IP" might be an IP of some external router and Windstream modem is meant to be "your" device.

1. Use just one of them - Windstream modem or Linksys WRT120N
2. Configure its Internet adres to the "Usable IP"
3. Configure its router address to the "Router IP"

For configuring the WRT120N see "Internet setup" in a manual (starting page 4) and
"Router IP" (page 11) - http://www.wtrt.net/manuals/Linksys_WRT120N.pdf
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
OK, got rid of the Linksys, going to send it back Monday for a Refund.
Once I started trying to do something with it, it totally went to crap.
Took 45 minutes just to get myself back online with the Windstream 1704.
It got locked some how in Bridge Mode.
Anyway, I have just the 1704, and my server is seen using BOTH of the IP Addresses.
I have 2 different Sub-Domains pointing to the 1704, one with the .1 and the other .2
And they are both picking up with my Mail Header in the test.

So, I am going to stick with this Modem, and call Windstream up on Monday, chew some people out for telling me that I HAVE to have another router inline in order to use the dual IPs.

Thanks everyone for your assistance!
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
[Mail is Received], however, it is [not sent].
So, that is good enough for now, I will resolve the rest of this when I wake again.
Need that sleep....

Take Care everyone.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
Dumping the Linksys as DIIRE suggested, resolved the issue.
I am very happy right now, and will continue to work
On getting this thing ready for hopefully Monday, as a Launch Date.
Finger Crossed.

I did not accept anyone elses information, as no one else gave anything that I could use.
DIIRE's information is the only one that resolved the issue, and that was dumping the Linksys, and using what was originally working.

Good to hear that everything is running ok, well except for send, after removing the linksys.

Would like to have more info on why they recommended linksys, which you'll possibly never get and also if everything continues to work correctly.

Goodluck with Monday!! Hope everything goes well!!

We're still here if you need us.

Sorry, just to check on the email side of things do you have your reverse lookup set correctly.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
I think that the mail sending, is an issue with the IP Address.
IMail Server, is setting the wrong IP Address, so I am going to have to go in the Registry and change it. Will find out here in a few if that is the issue.

Windstream did not recommend Linksys, they just told me that I needed to get another Router, in order to use the IP Addresses.
Maybe that is what they were told, and there for, they do not know any better.
Heck, once I found out that it was dual IP Addresses, I thought that it would take another router like a Cisco or something.

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