Dell Inspiron n5010 keep getting pxe media test failure

Not sure what the issue is but have a laptop that when booted says
Pxe media test failure
I  have tried to change the boot sequence an boot from CDROM but no go
I have tried reseating the hdd an the CDROM
I checked the mobo for any type of loose wires or possible bad caps.  I don't see a problem.  
I ran a dell diagnostic and it passes on the harddrive cable check. But it says dst short test failed on harddrive.  I assume the drive is dead but why would I not be able to boot a working boot disk?
Any thoughts?
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that message means it does not see a bootable drive
sinc eit does not boot from cd either, i suggest to try this :
disconnect the disk drive, and check if it boots from CD (test the cd on another pc, to be sure it's bootable)
then, reconnect disk, and disconnec cd drive, and check if it boots
report results!

you can test the disk and even cd drive on another PC - or laptop
i suggest to test at least the the disk drive; best download UBCD, and run the diag for your disk brand                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD
No PXE media means it's trying to boot from the network card and didn't find a PXE server on the LAN.
Often, particularly if it is a laptop, when the HD is bad it won't boot off the CD either. Try to install another HD and check if you can then boot off the CD or a USB stick. Also, as nobus noted, use the UBCD to test the HD. The manufacturer's diagnostics can sometimes do some repairs if the problem isn't too big (remap bad sectors etc.).
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