FTP from Unix to Windows

Hi, I am trying to set up a FTP process to download files from Windows 2008 server from Unix Server.

But i am not sure how can i ftp to Windows Server 2008 from Unix Prompt .  
I have set up a ftp services on win 2008 server and its running fine.
Can someone please let me know if i need to configure some thing on win 2008 server .
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
From Unix box you need to run command ftp to connect, authenticate and download the files from the remote system. You would get some help from the link below:


What you need is to set the users that will have permissions to access your FTP server.
Once you do that and you have set the permissions to the FTP root and/or sub-folders.

Then you will need to access the FTP server from Unix/Linux command line.

You can find the commands needed and some tests below:

Instead of configuring FTP users and passwords, I often take the sfk command line tool for windows/linux, and run instant ftp (or http) server on one side:
sfk ftpserv

Open in new window

which gives access to current directory, and then sfk ftp client (or wget) at the other side:
sfk ftp serverip get filename.txt

Open in new window

however this is only for single user who wants to quickly transfer some files. no full feature ftp server.
Alternatively, and if present on the linux box, use the smbclient command. This uses Microsofts native SMB protocol rather than FTP, so will not require you to configure and start an FTP service on the Windows box e.g. http://www.techsneeze.com/smbclient-to-backup-files-from-linux-to-a-windows-server
Just FYI:

FTP is sent over the network in plain text and therefore insecure for any private work.  Passwords are viewable to anyone scanning the network.  However, it is very fast.

If security is more important, you should share your windows folders and use smbclient on the linux side to connect and take advantage of windows authentication.  It will be slower for transfers.

You could also install putty on your windows 2008 server and use pscp.exe to copy files to your linux box.  You can script and schedule tasks with pscp if you need to automate file transfers.
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