1st time synchronize iphone contacts to gmail in Outlook

need a guide of synchronizing iphone contacts with  gmail account created in outlook.
gmail created in Outlook if set to pop3 or imap any impact on synchronizing with iphone?
what is the setting need to take note so that symchronizing will not cause data loss?
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grnowAuthor Commented:
will try it out and update again
Try syncronizing your iPhone directly with Gmail. This will allow you to sync your contacts with gmail first.

There are free utilities that will sync outlook with gmail. Contact Sync is one of them.

grnowAuthor Commented:
Sebastian, contact syncs need outlook to setup first before can sync.. can't sync directly from iphone.
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Lior KarasentiCommented:
Here is guide from Google


There are three options for keeping your contacts synced. You can keep your device’s contacts and sync just your My Contacts group, you can sync only Google Contacts and wipe your device’s contacts or you can merge your contacts via iTunes and sync only the contacts that stream with your phone.
In iTunes, after connecting the phone, go to the INFO tab and click SYNC CONTACTS and it will allow you to select Google account. Select this setting and after sync succeeds, just close up iTunes.

Now open Outlook and Sync the Gmail account. The contacts should now be there without any loss of data. Good luck.
grnowAuthor Commented:
hoping to look out for more other utilities or ways to do so. the suggestions given is quite useful.
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