Sharepoint - do pc's have to be part of a domain to use sharepoint?

Looking to install sharepoint but the main server is unix and a new sharepoint server would be installed. None of the pc's in the main office are part of a domain and the branch offices are not part of  domain either. Can all the pc's that are NOT part of a domain access sharepoint and all it has to offer?

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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it depends on your network size, number of user/accounts and client OS.
It is not recommended to install SharePoint on a domain controller. If you would not get two new machines then install SharePoint in local mode hence using local (meaning local in the SharePoint server) accounts.
You would create a windows account for every user which should have access to the server and tell your users that account information (this could be somehow automated using PowerShell).
User should not access through terminal server ON the SharePoint server itself! If you have a terminal server solution in place then the user can access SharePoint through the browser in their session.

Which SharePoint version are you going to use? SharePoint Foundation is "free" as long as you have the proper Windows Server licensing. SharePoint server (standard or enterprise) would require both server and CAL licensing - and I would not run SharePoint server in "local" mode.
In regards to the feature set:

When you talk about share spreadsheets do you mean "online" editing or just storing them on the server (like a file share)?
The first is called Office Web Apps and you need to have Office Volume licensing and this can be installed also on a SharePoint foundation server.

SharePoint in its base is an ASP.NET web application, hence server side programming is ASP.NET  (C#, VB.NET) but as it is a web solution you would also need quite a good understanding of HTML, CSS and especially JavaScript!
SharePoint is nothing you can program just right away - just have to consider a lot of things and you have to understand its basics (content types, lists, event handler, workflows, coding best practices, templates,  solutions, features,...) first. After that it is a really powerfull environment.

Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
SharePoint must be installed on a windows server. But to answer your question, yes non domain machines can as long as the user has an account on the SharePoint domain or server.
Or if you allow anon access which is the case for external facing SP sites
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
access is handled by users (user security), not by computers.
The complicated topic would be that you have to create the users locally on the SharePoint server (if there is no domain).

james1976Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses. be clear...
1) I set up a windows sharepoint server (domain) - domain part just for the server
2) I put in every local user and from the branch locations on the sharepoint server.
3) The users will access via Terminal services or internal Website (with logon) hosted on the sharepoint srv?

Also...Can someone describe all that can be done with sharepoint ...basically as I understand it you can create

- Department websites as well as company websites on the sharepoint server that can be  
   setup with templates
- depositories for documents
- share spreadsheets / Word doc  (I assume you don't have to install Ms Office on  
  sharepoint? correct?

what language is used to program the multiple websites if you don't use a template? Assuming you can do multiple sites.
james1976Author Commented:
Thanks for the response, Rainer.

1) I saw that 2013 version was out ...That is the version I would probably use.

2) Do you have to do any programing to get things to work? would the templates work to
     get started...

3) There are multiple branches ...about 8 it correct the user can access sharepoint
       from any offsite branch via a Browser? Thru ipsec tunnel or via the internet thru DMZ?

4) There are about 20 main office user and 70-80 various branch users. As I understand
      your response only the local users would need to be setup, Correct?

5) Well I did want to want to do the Office web Apps but not sure about the office vol
     license ...that on top of a new server and sharepoint cost, cal's etc ...seems like it could
     get pretty probably it would end up be a shared file solution...but undecided
     at this point ...just didn't realize it was going to take vol lic for office. Would I need 100
     user vol license for office?

7) Not clear yet on the domain install... My original plan was to install it on a new windows stand alone server ...100 cals ....It's just not clear to me if I am required to make the server
a domain server for sharepoint or not...If I don't have to make it a domain server thats fine
with me ...Just not sure which I need to do or rather plan for???

8) Not sure I understand how you are thinking about using Term services...

james1976Author Commented:
Thank you to all who responded.
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