DNS Point to another DNS for hosting DNS (Get that?)

Hello Everyone.

My hosting provider host DNS For all our sites, however, we are needing to point records to another DNS Server, to host DNS for some "Sub-Domains".

#1: (DNS On our hosting server)
A - sub.domain.com -  (Points to our in-house server's static IP

#2: (DNS In house)
Our router has DNS Port opened
Records in DNS Are created for the sub.domain.com

My question is this.
Right now, my in-house DNS is NOT being used, how can I make the world use my DNS for the sub-domain.com

Thanks All
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Wayne BarronAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
quick overview on how dns works

you want abc.def.domain

If you don't have a cached copy of the ip address in your dns tables then it first goes to the d-rootserver which says hmm I don't know but the domain name server is authoritative for this so I'll send you to them..

DOMAIN dns looks and says hmm I don't know about def.com so I'll pass you to the name server for def.domain

This is where we come into a potential gotcha.. can you add the NS records for abc.def.domain to the def.domain dns server? If the answer is yes then you add the ns records for abc.def.domain and point it to your location where you have to have a dns server that looks after abc.def.domain

The problem is that qqq.def.domain will end at the registrar and you have to add NS records  for every subdomain  there.

ERGO you need to set up the NAMESERVER (NS) records to point to your local DNS server
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
The only records that I have on my hosting provider DNS is: txt, cname, mx, A

I will have to check with the Hosting Provider on the NS Records then.
Thanks for the information, this will at least get me started.
Will post back my findings.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
Just created the NS record for the sub.domain.com, with its static IP address.
All the other sub-domains.com are hosted on the hosting providers servers.

Will all the sub-domains.com that are already created on the hosting providers server still function properly with the NS record created?
Or is there something that I have to do to make sure that everything runs smoothly?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
yes as long as you are not using sub.sub.domains.

when you say static address? it should be pointing to your external address and port 53 should be forwarded to your dns server

Should not be a problem for the other sub-domains as xxxx.com will be authoritative for it but not for mymanaged.xxxxx.com
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
It is pointing to my External Static IP
Port 53 is opened.
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
Got a quick question.
Lets say my name is:
will I need to make the NS record
      sub.domain.com  :

In order for it to work correctly? Or can it be named something else?
Wayne BarronAuthor Commented:
No matter what I did on my hosting providers site.
Created the NS Record, pointed to my Static IP Address.
Still nothing worked.
So, I have just purchased a NEW Domain, strictly for handling our mail server.
So, I think you for the information that you provided, it will come in handy, once I start building my DNS KB, along with the information that I will obtain during setting up the DNS For this new Domain.
Thanks ve3ofa
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