Online, live human English to French Translation Services

Can someone recommend a website where I can submit a text file that is to be translated from English to French by a human (or a machine with a human proof-reader)?

I've tried a couple over the past 36 hours, hoping to save a bit of time and have had disappointing results although, to be fair, my latest attempts were submitted on Friday and Saturday.

I won't name the services because I'm still hoping that I've just been unlucky but with company #1, I sent two 300 word document for translation on Thursday and they came back an hour later, as expected. So far so good. On Friday I submitted a 3,000 word document. It came back 24 hours later. I can live with that. When I opened the translated document, all looked well and so I began to merge the translated document into my project. About 20 minutes in I discovered that only the first 15% and last 5% of the document had been translated. I emailed their support address but the message bounced. I filled out their online support form and then got a message back (from an address with a different domain name than the service I was using) suggesting that since Monday Aug 27 is a holiday in the UK, they would not be getting back to me until Tuesday. Groan.

Thinking that maybe this was some sort of bait and switch, I decided to try another online service (company #2) which operated in the same way, so this evening (Saturday) I submitted a 1400 word document to them for translation. I paid with PayPal but when PayPal redirected me back to their site, it lost track of me and then sent me an email asking me to complete the transaction. I tried to using the link they provided but that took me to a paypal error page saying that the invoice has not been paid. So they have my money but my document is stuck in a queue somewhere. So far 6the email I sent to their support hasn't bounced but I'm frustrated because I was hoping to get this stuff done in a couple of days.

So much for 24/7 online translation. I hope they don't mean 24/7 except nights, weekends and holidays!
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Here are two respected organizations where you can find the translation service that will meet your needs.

American Translators Association

International Federation of Translators

A possible solution depending on your background.

 National Virtual Translation Center
Have you tried using the advanced search on atanet. I did a few test searches and came up with some excellent results. Advanced Search
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I eventually resolved the issues and ended up splitting the work between two different companies. I suppose my timing was bad given I submitted my materials in the middle of a long weekend.  In fact, only an hour or so after I posted the initial question on EE, one of the companies called me on the phone to help resolve the issue. Most of what I have sumitted has been translated so all in all I'm happy. I intend to repeat the process with a German and Spanish translation next spring.
I'm glad things worked out so quickly for you.

Would you refer others to the companies you used? If you would, could you share their names for other EE members?

Thank you.
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