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Configure YPOPs to work with Outlok 2007

followed the steps from http://www.ehow.com/how_5114339_configure-ypops-microsoft-outlook.html to setup YPOPs

Outlook settings:
incoming pop3:
outgoing smtp:
port 120, 25

YPOPs settings:
port 120,25

YPOPs (verson 0.9.6 alpha 1) was running in the background. send/receive from Outlook no error, shows completed but there's no email coming into Outlook. had tried to disable anti virus, firewall still the same.
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Hi grnow

Are you absolutely certain that you need YPOPs?

Yahoo have gone through several phases when they allowed downloading by POP3 to an email client or not.  I have a fairly old free Yahoo email account and used to be able to download to Outlook Express, Outlook, and Windows Live Mail while some others with newer Yahoo accounts were unable to do so without upgrading to the paid-for Yahoo Plus (or whatever it is called).  Then there came a point where I had to use YPOPS and had to mess around with geographic locations as discussed by those in the forum linked to by liorkr, and then at some stage maybe one or two years ago it became possible again without YPOPs (which ceased working for me) or changing geographic location.

However, what I recently realised, after not using that Yahoo account for a while and then going back into the settings, is that it now (for me) has similar settings to GMail in that you have to enable POP3 in the webmail settings before it allows downloading to an email client by POP3.  These settings were not there the last time I looked at the account settings, although admittedly this was some time ago.

Bear in mind that my Yahoo email address is a .CO.UK one (so I sign into http://uk.mail.yahoo.com/), and there may well be differences, but it would be worth checking your settings just to see if you can download to a pop3 email client without all the messing around.

Once logged in, click the little black down arrow next to "Options" up at the top and choose "Mail Options".  Look down the settings categories at the left and see if there is a "POP and Forwarding" one, and if so click it.  Here's the setting in my Yahoo mail account:
Be sure to click the "Save" buttonThe configuration in the email client is then as follows:

Incoming mail server:
pop.mail.yahoo.co.uk  (or yahoo.com, or whatever)
Set to non-SSL Port 110

Outgoing mail server:
smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk  (or yahoo.com, or whatever)
Set to SSL port 465

Secure password ID and "Server requires authentication" not ticked.

As I say, it may be different with you but it would be a shame if all that was needed in your case is selecting that one setting to enable POP3.
grnowAuthor Commented:
BillDL, thanks for highlighting yahoo now enables POP3 download. However, with pop3, it only downloads the Inbox but not the additional folders emails which was created.
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Aaah, yes, that was something I wasn't aware of and hadn't considered because I've only ever used Yahoo Mail as a supplementary account and never had the need to create separate folders.  Pity about that.  Unfortunately I'm not qualified to make any suggestions about YPops, other than experimenting with different port numbers, because I haven't used it for so many years.
grnowAuthor Commented:
would like to close the question. though did not get a full solution, but get some insights on YPOPS.
grnowAuthor Commented:
some useful info on YPOPS
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